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Sailing the Bahamas is sure fun because it’s an island country filled with friendly people and majestic beaches. The Bahamas, officially known as the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is situated in the Atlantic Ocean in the eastern part of Florida and Cuba. It has roughly 700 islands from which 14 are categorized as major islands, and 686 are counted as small islets.

Sailings the Bahamas are the most amazing vacation for everyone. You can select 3 to 6-day deals on cruise itineraries full of fun adventures meant for the entire family.

Nassau, Bahamas

This is the most sought-after ports of call if you travel to the Bahamas. It provides everyone a one-of-a-kind mix of unique tropical and glamor experiences, offering you the options of everything that you could ever think doing. You might visit Straw Market where you could find many souvenir items, which are on sale.

You might also head over to Bay Street for some duty-free shopping and visit some retail shops within the area. If you want to have fun swimming on the beach, you can head to Arawak Cay where you could have fun under the heat of the sun.

Cococay, Bahamas

This is an exclusive island for those Royal Caribbean guests. You will have fun in this tropical island along with its new aquatic facilities, trails for those who like nature and wealth of attractions where you could sit back and enjoy yourselves.

If you’re in CocoCay, don’t miss the exciting adventure of parasailing above the ocean. Experience a majestic view of the entire place and its surrounding islands. This is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime.

Grand Bahama Island

Did you know that the Grand Bahama is the most family-oriented island? It’s situated near to the US, offering a whole mix of adventure and attraction for everybody. That’s where you could find superb resorts with its clear sand beaches and clear waters. You could do much more from jeep safaris, scuba diving, dolphin watching, kayaking and so much more.

Picking the most accessible sailing cruises to the Bahamas is no doubt an unforgettable holiday where you could have a magnificent, memory-filled getaway along with those people whom you care so much. With entertainment and meals even while you’re onboard a cruise liner, you could still have fun, relax, and unwind. You could do more, do nothing at all or maximize these sailing to the Bahamas, making it an exclusive time for you and your loved ones.

Thus, make collections for everybody whom you care and explore which of the sailing cruises to the Bahamas will fit you best.

Be Prepared

For a tip: the Bahamas, along with their overwhelming beauty and thousands of square miles of sea wilderness, provide a majestic sailing experience from the substantial infrastructure and dense civilization of the States. However, what makes them attractive also makes them challenging for unprepared boaters. So, go soon if you can, take great care and tread casually. Happy sailing folks!

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