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Do I need to book a yacht for a whole week?
No. Usually, the charter yacht catalog cost is calculated for a weeklong charter. Several yachts provide daily rates, and you go as short or as long as you want. Other yacht charges a surcharge when the charter is shorter than four or five nights.

Can I get a charter yacht cheaper by calling them directly?
Mostly, not. The management of the Charter Yachts gives the rates. When there’s a special offer or discount, we’re the first ones to know. If you’re searching for a better rate, feel free to talk to us.

Do I need to sign a charter yacht agreement?

Yes. After you have selected your Charter Yacht and you know the number of the charter sailing group, we’ll issue an approved and standard charter contract.

How can I know if the charter yacht I book is in seaworthy and perfect condition?

Every charter yachts shown on the site are obliged with a contract to a management. Those are dedicated to following the control of their charter yachts and in charge to comply with the local maritime regulations and laws.

The majority of cruising destinations need a Trade License or similar. Without the necessary insurance proof or paperwork, a yacht won’t get their annual license issued. Further, crews require a safety standard specifications, work permit and should undergo medical checks regularly.

Do I have any hidden or extra costs to anticipate? How much and what are they?

Depending on the kind of yacht, the rate, and area type you might have some added charges. However, we will guarantee that you get a detailed list of the estimated extra charges calculated down to every bit. We don’t have a hidden cost. Nonetheless, a few extra costs might happen depending on your destination and itinerary.

I cannot find a charter yacht, which accepts over 10 passengers. Why is that?

The international maritime law controls this. No yacht carrying more than twelve passengers will be categorized a passenger transportation ship and must follow with SOLAS Convention.

Are credit cards accepted?

Yes, many islands do have ATMs, and shops might accept credit or debit cards. However, it is recommended to carry some cash for the taxi driver or drink you might order along the way.

Is VAT applicable on the charter yacht fee?

A VAT is normally charged on the charter fee in European regional waters. Rates could differ based on the location of embarkation and the selected itinerary.

What is needed for my yacht charter travel?

Valid passports with six months left on the expiration dates. Visas if needed from your nation of origin as well as the countries you travel through and where your trip is taking place. Valid passports are also needed for every US citizens visiting the Caribbean.

Are small kids on board okay?

​​​​​​​We love to welcome little ones on our cruises. Kids need to wear a life vest always. It’s best to bring a fitted one, which is fun and comfortable to wear.

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