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Is the ocean calling you? Do you long to be the architect of your own adventure of the never ending expanse of the sea? Step aboard the Iris, a supremely luxurious catamaran built to push the limits of performance and comfort. We offer the vesel of your dreams, so that you can start planning your sailing expedition in South Florida, the Bahamas, and the British Virgin Islands.

Bareboating Requirements

Bareboating is the ultimate celebration of freedom and privacy. It is an experience unlike any other this earth has to offer. However, safety is always our top priority at RK Florida Yachting. It is highly reccomended you and atleast one other crew member have previous experience sailing a similar vessel. There are many reputable resources and certifications that can be achieved online or in person. It is important you have knowledge of basic boathandling procedures (such as docking and anchoring), navigational practices, seamanship, and piloting.

If you are unfamiliar with boating practices, let us know. We will accomodate you by providing educational resources prior or one of our expert captains for all or part of your trip. Our captains can join you aboard the Iris to ensure your safety, show you the ways of the sea and the yacht, and take you sailing to the best spots the area has to offer.

What to Expect

Upon your arrival, a skipper will provide you an orientation. You will be given a tour of the catamaran's layout and it's sytems. Navigational notes will also be given at this time, outlining desirable sailing destinations as well as restrictions. Take your time to inspect the boat and ask any questions that should arise. It is extremely important you feel comfortable with the operation of the boat as well as the plans for your excursion.

If you are unsure of your ability to sail a the Iris, please reach out to us. We will discuss options with you to ensure you have the best and safest plan for your trip.

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